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About Our Savior

What is Our Savior? 

Our Savior describes the love which Christ has for each of us.  Our Savior is the love that lead Christ to die for our sins that we may go to heaven.  Our Savior is knowing we have a place in heaven.  Our Savior is what God has done for you. 

Our Savior is also a family of believers who gather around the Word of God every Sunday at 2 miles south of Phillips on Hwy 13.  Please come and join us as we learn of God's amazing grace which he showers us with each day.

Sunday Worship

Every church has its own style of worship.  We feel you'll like the service at Our Savior Lutheran Church.  

Our services focus on readings from the Bible.  There will be several Bible readings as well as a 15-20 minute sermon which takes a Bible reading and applies it to our daily lives.  Music and singing are also an important part of our worship.  Listen to the singing and before long you'll be singing, too.  Loud or soft, in monotone or rich harmony, all our praises are music to God.  Using contemporary language, God's Word is applied to our lives as His children.  God's Word is rich in promises for those who believe it.  Come and hear the promises God has made to you.

Our Savior Lutheran Church

"Spreading God's Word, Strengthening Our Faith, and Praising God"

This means that we:

  • Go and share God's Word with the World by supporting World Missions.
  • Serve our community's spiritual needs with love, using Jesus Christ as our example.
  • Nurture our family of members with opportunities to worship God and learn from His Word, while showing the love of Christ with our concern for each other.
  • Give glory to God in all that we do.

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